Bad Cop Bad Cop + Lost Love

Feinster All Girl Punkrock aus USA & Punkrock aus Kanada

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Königstr. 93
90402 Nürnberg

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Bad Cop / Bad Cop sind zurück. Feinster All Girl Punkrock aus USA. Sie sind mit NOFX auf großer Fat Wreck Tour, und spielen nur wenige Clubshows. Auch geil, Lost Love aus Kanada, geiles Zeug, zum ersten Mal in der Stadt. WM spielt auch nix Gescheids, also, rumkommen, abfeiern!!

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BAD COP / BAD COP (Fat Wreck Records):
If you haven't heard of BAD COP/ BAD COP yet, do yourself a favor and grab: Not Sorry. Their debut full-length arrived on FAT in 2015 and brazenly blasts out some of the most vibrant pop-punk around today. Laden with catchy hooks, three part harmonies that'd make The Beach Boys jealous, and tons of attitude, all 13 tracks showcase BAD COP/BAD COP's uncanny ability to blend aggressive instrumentation with polished vocals. Then, catch them live on tour with The Interrupters, where they'll be kicking out some new tunes as they gear up to record their next full-length; due out in 2017!

LOST LOVE (Stomp Records/Ocelot Records):
After over 200 shows in 11 countries over the last 3 years, Lost Love has bled the road dry. This four-piece from Montreal blends a mix of gruff/catchy-punk. After a first album in 2014 (Sparkles), they released a second album (Comfortable Scars) on Stomp Records and on Ocelot Records (US Vinyls only) in April 2016. To promote their latest album, they toured across Canada, USA and Europe on a 4-month tour in 2016. After a few tours for 2017 (Canada/US East Coast/UK & Europe), Lost Love is set to record their third album in September.

For friends of: The Lawrence Arms, Smoke Or Fire, Banner Pilot, The Flatliners

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