Trouble in Paradise

hot romance in paradise w/ carlotta jacobi

Sa., 28.09.2019, 23:00 Uhr  - 05:00 Uhr

Königstr. / Königstormauer 93
90402 Nürnberg

Normal: 8 € / Ermäßigt: 6 €
Ermäßigung für: Zahl was du kannst

Carlotta Jacobi is a Leipzig-based producer and DJ from Hamburg/ Stockholm. With her sound she creates dark and gloomy yet forward going atmospheres. She is member of Connwax, a label and party crew hosting techno parties at Institut für Zukunft. Besides she organizes music production workshops for FLINT-people and engages in local network Feat. Fem, that she also hosts a podcast for.

Trouble in Paradise presents an entirely new experience for your nightlife – hot romance! With exciting new music, visuals, decoration and an very special guest from far far away – CARLOTTA JACOBI – this party will get your ass off the couch and into the club. Arrange to meet your friends at the exciting and romantic location called KANTINE. You will be guided through the night by the finest selection of music and art – from experimental pop music to techno. Relax and enjoy because we are in a hot romance with the night.

And listen – always have our awareness concept in mind and watch out for your friends. If you see anything happen not consensually – please inform our team or the people working at the bar or door. This is a safe space. We stand against homophobia, racisms, sexism, nationalism and antisemitism.

Wall E Pane

Zahl was du kannst: 6-8€

Trouble in Paradise - © Veranstalter


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