Red On & Subrihanna // Golden Diskó Ship

Live audio/visual Ambient Electronica Kraut Post-Rock Live audio/visual Electronic experimental Pop

Do., 24.10.2019, 21:00 Uhr Einlass 20:30 Uhr

Königstr. / Königstormauer 93
90402 Nürnberg

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Golden Diskó Ship
Golden Diskó Ship is Theresa Stroetges, a Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and video artist who performs live as a one-girl orchestra. Her imaginative soundscapes, shifting from delicate melodic lines steeped in nostalgia to the feedback arcs and textured distortion of machine abuse, evoke lucid dreams and have won critical praise for their fresh, eclectic collages of electronic and acoustic sound. Her debut solo album, Prehistoric Ghost Party, was produced at the legendary Faust Studio, home of the Klangbad label, and her tracks have also been released on Monika Enterprise’s City Splits # 1 and The Wire Tapper’s June 2012 compilation. (CTM concerts)

On her 3rd album Golden Diskó Ship enlargens her pop / experimental sound cosmos for a new component: Bass. In consequence, Imaginary Boys was mixed by Schneider TM and Rashad Becker took care of mastering and the vinyl cut. The album was conceived during her stay in Lisbon in the summer of 2015 where the multi-instrumentalist found plenty of inspiration in traditional and experimental music. These elements left their traces not only as field recordings but also led the classically trained musician to re-consider the use of her former main instrument viola which is more present than before. One dominant compositional element of Imaginary Boys is a deliberate use of time, influenced by the perception of electronic music and techno. (Karlrecords)

“On her third LP, strains of North African souk float in above the doof-doof basslines on the opening track “Flaming Flamingo”, giving way to more cosmic visions blended with Touareg-style guitars on “Pacific Trash Vortex”, before she drops into some plaintive Chinese strings over skippy rhythms on “Abandoned Chinese Fishing Village”. Safe to say, Stroetges takes a magpie approach to her atmospheric and experimental dance music, gathering up shiny snippets and playing around with assorted effects and Auto-Tune along the way.”

“One has to give the Berlin based sound artist Theresa Stroetges explicit credit for keeping her artistic approach so open that – contrary to common trends in the cultural industry – each of her albums represents a development to the last. (_) The way highly diverse musics go together extremely homogenically within the context of an album is just one of many wondrous aspects about the art of Golden Diskó Ship.”

Red On & Subrihanna
Seit ihrem Zusammentreffen vor zwei Jahren spielen Produzent, DJ und Labelmacher Philipp Roth alias Red On und VJ Subrihanna gemeinsam Sound und Bild. In Verbindung mit den Video-Synthesizer-Bildern von Subrihanna schlägt das Projekt Red On damit wieder eine neue Richtung ein. Bild und Ton als gemeinsamer Moment. So ist es auch kaum verwunderlich, dass nach der früheren Red On Band und den darauf folgenden Solo-Ausflügen in Richtung Drone und Geräusch, die Live-Besetzung abhängig vom jeweiligen Ort und Rahmen wieder wächst. Aktuell gibt es Red On, wann immer möglich, mit Live Drums und anderen Gast-Musiker*innen zu sehen. Die Musik schwankt dabei zwischen poppiger Zugänglichkeit und der totalen Auflösung im Geräusch. Electronica, schleppende Grooves, Gitarre, Claps und Drones in einer großen Wolke. Ein Untersuchen der Grenzen zwischen Club, Popmusik und Klanginstallation, Live-Techno, eine laute Krautrock-Posse, ein Jazz-Trio, oder sehr konzentrierte Geräusch-Musik.