JJ Sun x Orchid present: The Drag-On-Ball Kiki Edition

Ballroom is back, endlich wieder ein Voguing Event! Freut euch auf eine rauschende Nacht der Queer Culture beim Drag-On-Ball Kiki Edition am 25. Mai.

Sa / 25.05.2024 / 22:00 Uhr
Einlass: 21:30 Uhr

In honor of the first ball in Nürnberg we are doing another Drag-on-ball, but for the kiki scene!
The overall theme of this function is ANIME – mandatory reference of your chosen anime character to let the judges see who you represent.
Since we have a limited amount of 150 tickets the entry is only available with registration/RSVP ONLY!
Please register here: docs.google
20:30 – participants (5€ cash at the door)
21:30 – audience (15€ cash at the door)
22:00 – event starting/rollcall
reduced entry for audience: if you are queer BIPOC/ballroom, please send a message to jaybsg@hotmail.de
_The judge panel_
German Godmother Xena Louboutin (Berlin)
Lunar 007 (Mannheim)
Panama 007 (Frankfurt)
_The DJ & MC_
DJ German Mother Dream Louboutin (Berlin)
MC Lucca Louboutin (Munich)
_The categories(not in order)_
– Face MF/FF/NB _
– Body MF/FF/NB _
– Beginner’s Runway AA/EU __
– Runway AA/EU __
– Beginner’s Performance OTA _
– Oldway OTA _
– New Way OTA _
– Vogue Femme OTA _
– Realness MF/FF __
– Hands vs Arms _
– Sex Siren MF/FF/NB _
– Best dressed spectator _
– Lip Sync Production _
– Dance Off _
for Lip Sync Production (max 2 min.) please send your track (mp3) via Email: jaybsg@hotmail.de
Ballroom Vocabulary
FF – Female Figure: Fem Queens, Drag Queens, Women
MF – Male Figure: Butch Queens, Trans Men, Butches (and sometimes straight men)
FQ – Fem Queen: ballroom lingo for trans woman
Drag Queen: cisgender man that presents the societal idea of a “woman”
Drag King: cisgender woman that presents the societal idea of a “man”
Women: cisgender women – sexual orientation doesn’t matter
BQ – Butch Queen: cisgender man that identifies as homosexual
Lion Babe: non-binary and FF (stud/butch) portraying a masculine and/or feminine sex appeal
Cat Boy: a less aggressive and less straight forward version of MF Sex Siren. Neither masculine nor feminine sex appeal
OTA: Open to all – no division into gender categories, includes non-binary and straight people (certain categories like Realness still limit the OTA)

Virgin: first time walking / never walked in a specific category
Baby/Beginner: everyone who hasn’t walked a specific category more than a year
Tag Team: two people walking a category together – walking one by one but tag your partner when you have to switch
White participants should always refrain from braids, afro wigs etc. (This might lead to a chop!)


Eintritt: 15 €Abendkasse

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